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Banjo Robinson - a globe trotting cat

When we recently adopted a kitten from the RSPCA, we had no idea how much she would help our child with some sensory needs. Pickels joined our home when she was 16 weeks old and she has been the best investment ever for our daughter. Pickels has formed an incredible bond with our daughter and allows her to have cuddles. This helps with time out and also helps our daughter to regulate her emotions.

When I read about Banjo the global travelling cat who writes customised letters to your child, I was so excited to sign us up. The arrival of the personalised Banjo envelope created so much excitement for both of the children. When they opened the envelope, there was a customised letter from Banjo, along with a large world map, stickers, stamps and writing paper and a mini envelope.

Our daughter promptly followed the brief from Banjo and did a lovely drawing on the paper he kindly provided. Banjo left instructions to leave the reply in the provided mini envelope, under the sofa before going to bed, and he noted that one of his cat friends would collect it overnight.

Two weeks later we received our second letter from Banjo, along with some more stickers and even better, Banjo wrote personalised details about our own cat Pickels (parents can go online to personalise the letter)! This was very well received and our daughter promptly set out straight away to do a reply to Banjo.

We also enjoyed reading and learning the educational details of Banjo’s travels. Most recently Banjo has visited Greece, which was a lovely coincidence, as we have also recently returned from Greece. So it was a good conversation starter which got us reminiscing and talking about Greek food. There was also a Greek themed colouring in sheet and colourful stickers.

I am so pleased to have come across this well designed initiative, it is very carefully designed to ensure children engage and learn geography and facts along the way. The letters are perfectly pitched to children and even though my daughter can’t yet read, she is so excited to open the envelope and hear the latest update about Banjo’s adventures and to look on the map to see where his travels are taking him for exploring. Banjo's letter includes a suggestion for the child to draw something, and this is a lovely way to encourage quiet time for little ones to be creative in their drawings for Banjo. The personal references to our own cat has been priceless!

We are eagerly awaiting Banjo’s next letter in approximately 2 weeks time!

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