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Bees needs week - 8 - 14 July 2019

Bees’ Needs Week is a week long campaign from 8th to 14th July to help raise awareness of bess and other pollinators.

There are over 300 species of Bees in the UK, and we should work hard to help it stay that way. Bees and other pollinators are vital to growing lots of our favourite foods and for plants to flourish. Bees’ Needs Week is a great opportunity for children to learn about how important pollinators are and how we can support them.

We went to visit Little Fant farm in Farleigh near Maidstone, to see their Honey Bee Festival. The farm barn was full of all things bees, including lots of bee crafts, demonstrations of bees’ wax rolling and pouring, along with honey tasting, bee friendly seeds, and a table of useful bee information.

The children enjoyed seeing the bee-hive and looking at the ‘door’ to see where the bees enter and exit the hive. We enjoyed tasting some local honey and some honey cake. My daughter chose to make a bumble bee and I have to pass on my compliments to the craft lady, she was so engaging and enthusiastic, it was refreshing to see a person make it a fun learning experience for children.

We enjoyed the home-made sausage rolls, and we couldn’t say no to the rocky road. We washed our lunch down with the local apple juice and the children enjoyed sitting on the hay bales whilst eating our lunch.

A quick hello to the ducks and chickens, and of course the children had to sit on the vintage tractor for some pretend driving. We then went to visit the 3 not so little piggies, they have grown since we last visited! My youngest was tickled to see a pig enjoy a mud bath, and the grunts from the pigs made the children giggle.

We stopped by the honesty hut to buy some eggs, alas we were too late. No visit to Little Fant farm is complete without saying hello to Orlando and Pumpkin, the rescue Shetland ponies and the children enjoyed watching them graze.

The Honey Bee Barn event was free entry. Follow Little Fant farm on social media to see their family friendly events.


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