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Paws Cat Cafe - Tonbridge

After a traumatic experience with a dentist that wasn’t child friendly, I recently took the children to a new dentist in Tonbridge, and en- route we passed Paws Cat Café.

So after a successful visit with a kind dentist who made it a fun and positive experience for children, I decided to treat the children and we were able to do a walk in appointment at Paws Cat Café.

What a delightful place to visit! We ourselves have recently become a cat family when we adopted our cat from the RSPCA, and having seen the positive effect it has had on both my children, I was thrilled that we could have a chance to visit Paws Cat Café.

The owner kindly explained how it works in that visitor numbers are restricted so that the cats aren't stressed. We sat on one of the couches and within a few moments, some furry friends came to say hello and have some cuddles.

We ordered some drinks and cakes and we were able to read the cat ‘biographies’ which detailed the cats names and history. In total, the café has 18 cats, all rescue cats coming from the UK and abroad. There is also a further room upstairs away from the public, so the cats have the opportunity to interact or to get some peace and quiet away from people.

The owner kindly explained how the café came to be as a means of helping anxious people and equally rescuing and rehoming cats, The cafe accommodates visits from elderly pensioners and those with dementia and also special needs individuals. It is as if the cats know which individuals need some tender loving care and the cats come and engage with customers on their own terms.

My son enjoyed throwing a ball for a energetic kitten called Blossom, she was just like my son in that she didn’t sit still for a minute, so they kept each other busy, whilst my daughter enjoyed having a cat come sit on her lap for a snooze. My daughter didn’t want to move in fear that she might disturb the cat and she relished having a cat choose her lap for a nap.

The café has been running for a year and is a must for any cat lover as the cats are very friendly and playful. There is also a lovely selection of hiding spots and climbing frames and even ‘cat steps’ up the wall that the cats seem to enjoy using. Visitor numbers are restricted to ensure the cat’s welfare is a priority and there are double doors on entry to maintain safety.

I recommend booking your timeslot to avoid disappointment and then sit back, enjoy the cats and at the same time have a cuppa and some cake and you will come away happy and relaxed.

£5 per person entry fees, for more details and to book – see
















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