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Thrilling treetop fun at Branching Out Adventures

On a beautiful autumn day, we headed to Branching Out Adventures located in Lewes in Sussex to try out some of their many activities.

We started off with a lovely walk around the woodland site, it was lovely to see mushrooms and nesting boxes along with some historical site information. We had booked an afternoon slot and we had a safety briefing where we were taught how to use the equipment. We then headed towards the high ropes. I have to admit, from ground level it looked reassuringly nice and like a walk in the park!

There were two childrens parties in progress and all the children made it look easy up on the high ropes. By the time us adults had climbed up to the starting point, the adrenalin kicked in and it was all systems go. We didn’t want to be outdone by children, so we bit the bullet and embraced the challenge.

It was good fun and required lots of co ordination and balance, along with a mix of not looking down for the more faint hearted amongst us. None of us adults wanted to end up having to be rescued, so we made slow and steady progress. The tree platforms are rather small, so even between each challenge, you have to keep your wits about you, rather than ending up hanging off the edge! It took us just over an hour to complete the high rope course, which ends with a lovely zip wire run. It also gives your upper body a good workout!

By this point, we were oblivious to the rain and enjoying the sense of achievement, so we decided to try the giant swing. I volunteered to go first, which in hindsight,I am not sure if that was a wise move, given we hadn’t yet seen the swing in action.

You are strapped in to the swing and then winched up, rather high up in the sky. After a brief moment of pausing to enjoy the scenic view, you pull the release rope and suddenly you are wooshing and flying through the air. It did feel like I left half my tummy behind but once I got over the initial shock, it was lovely swinging through the air, having ones’ tummy tickled! It felt amazing and at that point, I would happily have settled for more turns on the giant swing. After your swing is completed, you are winched back down to earth.

Last up was the long zip wire. It looks innocent, but half the challenge is mastering climbing up the huge rather tall tree, which was a bit tricky and had my legs shaking like jelly. Once up on the tree platform, Chris kindly strapped me in and within seconds I was flying through the forest, it was rather exhilerating and I really enjoyed it.

We had such a lovely afternoon at Branching Out Adventures, thanks to Chris and his team, it was a great way to get outdoors and enjoy activities in the fresh air, whilst challenging ourselves to enjoy something new.

Branching Out Adventures also has low rope activities for smaller children, so there is something for everyone. so I plan to go back with the children in the near future for a family day out, as well as maybe setting myself on the challenge of huge climbing wall.

For more information, see their website for opening dates and activities.


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