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Wild swimming in Kent

The growing trend for outdoor swimming has seen many swimmers exploring options local to them and literally taking a dip.

Not only is it invigorating getting into icy cold water, it has an addictive effect in that it leaves one feeling an adrenaline rush and on a natural high afterwards. It is said to have many health benefits and quite simply being outdoors and experiencing it ‘wild’, seems to magnify the pleasure of the experience.

I recently purchased a swim woggle from Swim Secure. The swim tow woggle is designed to benefit swimming in open water, in that it helps keep swimmers safe and visible. The vibrant orange helps aid visibility in open water and it is lightweight with no drag and a one way valve. The woggle attaches to your waist via a belt and also acts as a swimming noodle. To be honest, once I started swimming, I didn’t even notice the swim woggle. It drifted along behind me without causing any hinderance.

I was fortunate to collaborate with Katrina of Fast2fly, who used her drone to capture my wild swim in Kent. In fact ,whilst Katrina had her drone operating filming my swim in the lake, some members of the public stopped to enquire what she was filming. It was only when Katrina pointed out the vibrant orange of the woggle moving across the lake, that people realised there was somebody swimming. So in effect, the swim woggle did it’s job providing a good visual aid. Without the woggle and against the glare of the early morning sunlight, it’s unlikely I would have easily have been seen in the distance of the vast lake.

I had a lovely swim and I finished off coming out of the water on a high. Thanks to my wetsuit, I wasn’t even cold and I am already looking forward to my next swim with the tow woggle.

Should you plan a wild swim, I highly recommend the tow woggle, as well as having a buddy on shore to aid your safety.

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Wild swimming in Kent with Swim Secure tow woggle

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