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A winter wild swim at Botany Bay

Outdoor people are adventurous folk. Senses heighten and all is one and it’s great fun. Swimming makes me less crazy, it works for me and it’s effectively therapy for free. Some say it has a meditative effect and I can certainly see why.

Our family recently went to Botany Bay on a chilly winters day, where the children had a lovely time exploring the beach. Have you ever noticed how seasoned outdoors children never notice the cold, let alone moan about being outdoors? It’s all about the adventure and finds along the way.

We explored the tide line and the children collected shells, seaweed and pebbles and made some sand art. It was lovely to enjoy the beach whilst so few people were about, only a few dog walkers were about and the dogs were having a good time dashing into the sea and chasing balls.

After trying wild swimming in the summer, I decided to get brave and today I joined the Kent Sea swimmers for a swim meet up at Botany Bay. What a delightful experience and friendly group of people. The air temperature was 8 degrees and whilst I don’t know what the sea temperature was, it was surprisingly decent. As I entered the water with my Swim Secure swim toggle, my wetsuit helped take the edge off the temperature. I focused on my breathing and entered the water and after a few moments, off I went into the calm blue water.

The children kept waving at me from the shoreline and in between strokes I did a few waves back and then I focused on the swim. It was truly a fantastic experience and even just bobbing about in the small waves felt delightfully tranquil. I didn’t have swim gloves or booties and soon enough my hands and feet were feeling the effects of the cold, so after a 9 minute swim, I swam back to shore, where my family were waiting with hot chocolate and snacks.

Suffice to say, the adrenaline rush was fantastic and I am already planning my next swim. So the question is, who fancies joining me?

Special thanks to Katrina Festorazzi from Fast2foto for joining us and taking photographs and video footage.

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